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Barry Law Review

Barry Law Review provides a forum for scholars, practitioners, and Law Review members to discuss significant legal issues of local and national concern. Barry Law Review is managed and edited exclusively by students, under the direction of a faculty advisor. Barry Law students become members only by invitation, based on either outstanding academic achievement in the first year of law school or on exceptional performance and accuracy in the annual Write On Competition and Bluebook Exam, conducted during the summer.

Environmental and Earth Law Journal (EELJ)

The Barry University School of Law Environmental and Earth Law Journal (EELJ) promotes new visions and perspectives on Social and Ecological Justice, as well as facilitates an enlightened discourse on issues and topics affecting human populations and the natural world. The Journal strives to publish articles that are valuable research tools for students, attorneys, judges, and legal scholars. The Environmental and Earth Law Journal is managed and edited by the student members, under the direction of Dean Diaz and Professor Linda Coco.